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Double Sides FR4 PCB Board Adapter Circuit Board For Mounting CMC EIZZ 4pin 5pin 6pin 7pin 8pin 9pin Tube Sockets
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For 4pin Tube Sockets For 5pin Tube Sockets For 6pin Tube Sockets For 7pin Tube Sockets For 8pin Tube Sockets For 9pin Tube Sockets For 9pin Tube Sockets-Red
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Brand new PCB board for mounting 9pin CMC tube sockets

Material: FR4

Suitable for CMC EIZZ 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin, 8pin,9pin tube sockets

1. For 4pin: Diameter=24mm Thickness=2mm

2. For 5pin: Diameter=24mm Thickness=2mm

3. For 6pin: Diameter=33mm Thickness=2mm

4. For 7pin: Diameter=20mm Thickness=2mm

5. For 8pin: Diameter=30mm Thickness=2mm

6. For 9pin, green: Diameter=25mm Thickness=2mm

7. For 9pin, red: Length=40mm Width=27mm Thickness= 1.6mm

Quantity: 1PC/lot