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PSVANE 6SL7GT Vacuum Electron Tube Replace 6N9P,6H9C,ECC35 Hifi Audio DIY Tube Amplifier 1PC
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Brand new original PSVANE Vacuum Tube

Model: 6SL7GT

Replace 6N9P,6H9C,EC35 directly.

The price is for 1PC

6SL7is high amplifier triode tube
Uh---------------------6.3    V
Ih----------------------0.3    A
Maximum Rating

Anode Voltage--------------300   V
Positive Grid--------------0  --  V
Anode Disspation--------1   W
Max Cathode current-------120 mA
Heater Filament Voltage------±90  V
Typical Operating Conditions
Class A1 Amplifier
Ua-----------250      v
-Ug----------2  ---   v
Ia-----------2.3      mA
Gm-----------1.6      mA/V
ri-----------44       kΩ
µ -----------------70
Single tube A1 Amplifier
Ua----------300    500     v
Ug2---------250    200     v
Rk--------  140    280     Ω
Ia----------83      50     mA
Ig2---------8       1.6    mA
Ri----------24      39     kΩ
Gm----------6.5     5.7    mA/V
RL----------3        6      kΩ
Pout--------6.4      11.5   W
Dtot--------6        12     %